Thai king prawn salad with avocado, mango and peanuts 13,95
Tomatoes salad with confited leeks, black olives and tuna 12,95
Our Caesar salad with anchovy and parmesan cheese sauce 10,95
Grilled avocado with goats cheese, kalamata olives, tomato, watercress
and totopos 11,95

Salad with goat’s cheese fritters confited pear, dried fruits and honey 10,95


Houmous with crudites and crackers 8,55
Crispy corn tortillas with tuna sashimi and wakame seaweed (2 u.) 9,95
Avocado and tomato tartar with feta cheese 11,65
Russian salad with sauteed king prawns 13,95
Marinated salmon tartar ith avocado and japanese dressing 13,95
King prawns ceviche with Idiazabal cheese and guacamole 13,95


Chicken wings with spicy rocoto sauce 9,55
Fried chicken with Sriracha sauce and honey 9,95
Croquettes with iberico ham 9,55
Crispy baby squid with chipotle mayonnaise 10,95
Stir fried vegetables with Idiazabal cheese 11,95
Fried eggs with crisps, iberico ham and truffle oil 12,55
Parmiggiana, roasted aubergines with mozzarella 12,95
Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and green mojo 16,95
Kings prawns in tempura with creamy spicy sauce 14,95


*100% beef meat, homemade, all burgers come with fries on the side

Bacon cheese burger 13,95
Truffled Burger with crispy onion, truffle cheese sauce and mushrooms
Ibérica with lettuce, truffle mayonnaise, cheese, iberico ham and egg 13,95

“Dry aged” galician meat matured for 45 days, with bacon jam,
camembert and cheese sauce 15,95


Wild mushrooms risotto with black truffle oil and asparagus 11,95
Bolognese lasagna the original recipe with melted cheese 12,95
Sautedd noodles with truffle carbonara, poached egg and parmesan 12,95
Creamy rice with king prawns 13,95
Pad Thai, spicy rice noodles with king prawns and vegetables 13,95
Curry king prawns and vegetables with jazmin rice 14,95
Grilled salmon with sprouts and mediterranean dressing 16,95
Grilled cod with ratatouille and “pil pil” sauce 16,95
Tuna tataki with avocado, tomato and edamames 17,95
Grilled tuna steak with spring onions 18,95
Marinated and grilled chicken with spicy dressing 12,95
«Tika Malasa» chicken with stir fried rice and Naan bread 13,75
Baby pork ribs marinated and charcoal grilled 16,95
Italian entrecotte with rocket, semi sundried tomato and parmesan 17,95
Cordon Bleu fried bread sirloin steak with iberico ham and cheese 20,95
Grilled sirloin with fries and red roasted peppers 20,95


Mascarpone cheese cake with wild berries 5,95
«Sweetpot» 3 chocolates with bizcuit ice cream 6,45
Brownie with chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream 6,95
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream 6,45
Cheesecake with blue cheese and balsamic ice cream 5,95
Torrija, our special bread pudding with almond ice cream 6,95
Chocolate true cake with ice cream vanilla ice cream 5,95
Selection of ice creams 7,95
*All our desserts are homemade